Holographic Film Production

In response to the needs of holographic applications, we offer several holographic film machines for purposes of anti-counterfeiting and decorative packaging. Our holographic embossing machines are available in soft system and hard system, and designed to give the holographic film an eye-catching appearance with desired functions. Besides, hologram de-metalizing machine is also provided.

    1. Holographic Film Soft Embossing Machine Our soft system holographic embossing machine can produce a variety of patterns for your choice. Once you choose our embossing machine, we will offer related technology. This 1,200mm width holographic film embossing machine is designed with an embossing unit, an oil heating system, a cooling system, an air-source unit and an electric control system. Details
    1. Holographic Film Hard Embossing Machine The hard system holographic embossing machine is specialized equipment for producing laser holographic film material and works by transferring the pattern on nickel plate to the surface of film like PET and PVC (thickness at 12-200) through pressing, making the film dazzlingly brilliant with the pattern. Details
    1. Hologram De-Metalizing Machine Our demetalizing machine is widely used for partially washing-away the aluminizing layer or patterns on the packaging material, by chemical methods, thus giving prominence to logo position. The window size and shape are customizable. Details
As a professional die cutting slotting machine manufacturer based in China, we also provide paper cutting machine, label slitting machine, corrugated box forming machine, printing machine, hot stamping machine, and much more.
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Our Converting Machinery
    1. Paper & Label Converting The converting process is a critical step of paper processing and label manufacturing. It consists of die cutting, folding, sheeting and slitting processes, and each of which is accomplished by a specialized converting machine. Learn More
    1. Paperboard Converting Paperboard and cardboard are most widely used in the packaging industry, typically in carton box production. We have emerged as a reliable paperboard converting machine manufacturer. Learn More
    1. Plastic Bag Making We do not only design and manufacture a range of plastic bag making machines but also supply complementary equipment, such as blown film machine and flexo printing machine. Learn More
    1. Corrugated Box Making Our corrugated cardboard box machines are designed to meet the specific requirements of custom packaging. Contact us online for a more information about our corrugated box making machines and solutions. Learn More