Label & Film Printing Machine

    1. Narrow Web In-Line Flexo Printing Press Our narrow web in line flexo printing machine can be used with gravure, silk screen, offset, inkjet, digital printing module and cold foil. This flexo printing machine can achieve inline coating and PUR glue lamination. Details
    1. Stack-Type Flexo Printing Press Our high-speed stack type flexo printing machine is made in accordance with GMP requirements. This means it is applicable for printing the packages of products like food, medicine, toys, stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, crafts and accessories. Details
    1. Flexo Printing Machine with Die Cutting The main motor of the die cutting flexo printing machine uses an imported inverter to govern a stepless speed adjustment. The printing units are all equipped with a group of infrared dryers respectively. Details
    1. Label Paper Flexo Printing Machine High precision ceramic anilox roller is used for ink transfer. Precise material unwinding is guaranteed as a result of our adoption of a magnetic powder brake and Mitsubishi tension controller. All printing units of the label paper flexo printing machine are designed with 360° adjustment of print registration. Details
    1. Label Offset Printing Machine (PS Plate) The advanced servo control system of the label PS offset printing machine ensures the stable movement of printing stock during the printing process. The printing cylinders do not need changing and repeat length is digitally controlled. The label PS offset printing machine is quick, easy and convenient to operate. Details
    1. Plastic Bag Film Flexo Printing Machine The plastic bag film flexographic printing machine offers easy operation and a flexible starting accurate color register. The meter counter can set the printing quantity according to the requirement. The machine stops automatically at the set quantity or when the material is cut off. Details
    1. Rotogravure Printing Press The rotogravure film printing machine is designed in combinational type. Its printing color can be increased or decreased upon customers' request. A reverse side printing mechanism is also available. Details
We are a specialized label flexo printing machine manufacturer based in China. We also provide hot stamping machine, die cutting slotting machine, UV coating machine, hologram machine, and more.
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    1. Paper & Label Converting The converting process is a critical step of paper processing and label manufacturing. It consists of die cutting, folding, sheeting and slitting processes, and each of which is accomplished by a specialized converting machine. Learn More
    1. Paperboard Converting Paperboard and cardboard are most widely used in the packaging industry, typically in carton box production. We have emerged as a reliable paperboard converting machine manufacturer. Learn More
    1. Plastic Bag Making We do not only design and manufacture a range of plastic bag making machines but also supply complementary equipment, such as blown film machine and flexo printing machine. Learn More
    1. Corrugated Box Making Our corrugated cardboard box machines are designed to meet the specific requirements of custom packaging. Contact us online for a more information about our corrugated box making machines and solutions. Learn More