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UV coating is an ideal finishing solution for adding value to various packaging applications, while giving high quality finish to enhance printed objects. We are a company has long been engaged in the field of packaging and printing equipment, and we offer a range of UV coating equipment to provide packaging with superior look.

    1. Automatic High Speed UV Coating Machine The automatic high speed UV coating machine is the most advanced coating machine among conventional models. It is fully automatic with less labor and very fast in working speed. In order to achieve the best coating results, the coating unit is designed to use a hydraulic metering roller which runs in a reverse ... Details
    1. BOPP Tape Coating Laminating Machine The BOPP tape coating laminating machine uses a frame structure type and the length of the machine can be determined by the user. The AC frequency stepless speed regulation, pre-traction, coating, laminating traction, rewinding, etc. are synchronously controlled. Details
    1. Automatic Swing Cylinder UV Screen Printing Line Our Automatic Swing Cylinder Screen Printing Production Line(UV Spot Machine is used for screen printing of large quantity of materials, it is applicable for variety of materials with a thickness ranging from 100g/㎡-350g/㎡. It is not only used in the UV (spot) varnish, but also used in various UV color ink printing. Details
    1. Fully UV Coating Machine The fully UV coating machine offers high automation, high speed and high efficiency. Using a belt conveyor and stepless speed regulation, the highest speed can reach 80m per minute. Details
As a specialized corrugation paper flexo printing machine manufacturer based in China, our company also provides label flexo printing machine, die cutting and creasing machine, rotary head film blowing machine, and much more.
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    1. Paper & Label Converting The converting process is a critical step of paper processing and label manufacturing. It consists of die cutting, folding, sheeting and slitting processes, and each of which is accomplished by a specialized converting machine. Learn More
    1. Paperboard Converting Paperboard and cardboard are most widely used in the packaging industry, typically in carton box production. We have emerged as a reliable paperboard converting machine manufacturer. Learn More
    1. Plastic Bag Making We do not only design and manufacture a range of plastic bag making machines but also supply complementary equipment, such as blown film machine and flexo printing machine. Learn More
    1. Corrugated Box Making Our corrugated cardboard box machines are designed to meet the specific requirements of custom packaging. Contact us online for a more information about our corrugated box making machines and solutions. Learn More