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Paperboard and cardboard are most widely used in the packaging industry, typically in carton box production. We have emerged as a reliable paperboard converting machine manufacturer. For over two decades, we have served many customers by providing dependable equipment for their paperboard packaging needs. Whether you are cardboard box manufacturer or a paperboard converting plant, we have the right solution for your paperboard converting needs, and our products include die cutting & creasing machine, stripping & blanking machine, rotary slotting machine, and more.

    1. Automatic Die Cutting and Creasing Machine The automatic die cutting creasing machine is able to process sheet and paperboard and perform stamping, die-cutting, creasing, and hot and cold embossing for paper boxes, corrugate and paper trade marker, and is an ideal machine for packaging and decoration. With high technology, the automatic process of sheet-feeding ... Details
    1. Flatbed Die Cutting and Creasing Machine The automatic die cutting creasing machine uses a programmable controller and is incorporated with fully automatic feeding, die cutting, delivering counting, obstacle indicating, checking and measuring. It is easy to operate, reliable and offers high speed and precision. It uses unique cam intermittent construction designed by computer ... Details
    1. Automatic Stripping and Blanking Machine (with Manipulator & Spinning Mould) Single blanking and stripping unit, suitable for products in small plates or with well-organized patterns. High-precision linear screw motion guide and servo motor together with steady support base, ensuring stable, smooth and precise performance. Details
    1. Automatic Stripping and Blanking Machine (Automatic Stacking) This model has been improved from the previous one, with functions and units upgraded from stripping unit, discharge function to stacking of finished goods. High-precision linear screw motion guide and servo motor together ... Details
    1. Manual Die Cutting and Creasing Machine The die cutting and creasing machine is also called a clam shell die cutter and is a special kind of equipment for die cutting and creasing a wide range of material, such as normal paper, cardboard, corrugated board, plastic sheet, leather, etc. They are extensively applicable to the fields of printing, packaging, decorating and plastic industries. Details
    1. Manual Die Cutting and Hot Foil Stamping Machine It offers a foil-feeding rubber roller of electrochemical aluminum driven by separately set length and leapfrog parameters to make the most effective use of the electrochemical aluminum. The purpose of this model is to ensure the system runs stably and reliably so the hot foil stamping and die cutting machine can be maintained easily and simply. Details
    1. Hydraulic Swing Arm Cutting Machine The hydraulic swing arm cutting machine is mainly used for the forming cutting of material such as fur, paper, artificial leather, and some textile material, and features flexibility, convenience, speed, etc. The working process is from up to down to die cut the material. Details
    1. Automatic Rotary Die Cutting Machine The automatic rotary die cutting machine is the advanced type of die cutting machine for corrugated paper to make the corrugated box. It uses vacuum absorption automatic paper-sending mode. Slotting, comer cutting, incenting and perforating are done at one time. Details
    1. Chain Feeding Rotary Slotting Machine The chain feeding rotary slotting machine model SAWS 2600/2800 is designed with accurate structure and convenience adjustment. The main parts are the chain-feeding unit and slotting unit which are largely accepted by middle-size factories. Details
    1. Four-Bar Slotting and Corner Cutting The four link corrugated paper slotting machine is the manual type and fits the edge cutting, slotting and angle cutting of corrugated paperboard of diversified specifications in a single process with the features of reasonable design and simple operation, adjustment and usage, and is used in various carton factories. Details
Our company is a professional die cutting creasing machine manufacturer based in China. We provide an extensive line of products, including die cutting slotting machine, plastic bag making machine, printing machine, paper cutting machine, and much more.
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